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AI on the pharma plant floor to boost process effectiveness 53%

A Pharma Manufacturing-hosted webinar sponsored by Aizon.

October 31, 2023

11:00 AM ET / 10:00 AM CT / 8:00 AM PT / 3:00 PM GMT/ 4:00 PM CET

Duration:1 hour

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AI-driven solutions are improving productivity, yield and quality control in drug manufacturing - from predicting yield in complex batch operations, to avoiding stoppages in fill/finish as well as accelerated batch releases. In this webinar, we will explore the practical examples of AI is being deployed in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector today and showcase real-world examples of its applications. You’ll learn how:

  • AI adds new dimensions to your understanding of what is the "golden batch'
  • Advanced algorithms and machine learning models are helping process engineers, as well as quality.
  • Operations teams are uncovering patterns and causal relationships across multiple data sources and end-to-end unit operations - in ways that are not possible with classical statistical multivariate analysis.

Through insightful discussions and practical case studies, we will highlight the potential of AI-powered predictive analytics and real-time monitoring to streamline production, reduce costs, and ensure regulatory compliance. We’ll also address the challenges and considerations in implementing AI technologies in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, and share insights into data security, regulatory compliance, and the integration of AI with existing manufacturing infrastructure. This webinar has been designed for pharmaceutical professionals, and will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how AI is able to drive value in the pharmaceutical manufacturing landscape today.

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Kevin Baughman, VP of Consulting Services, Aizon.ai

Kevin Baughman is the VP of AI Consulting Services at Aizon where he is responsible for the delivery of value-based solutions that transform customers’ operations by merging technology with strategic vision. He has held multiple customer-facing roles, ultimately landing in consulting specializing in Artificial Intelligence and cloud-based solution integration. As a consultant, he has led projects in both the private and public sector for clients in many industries, including finance, insurance, transportation, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

Kevin attended N.C. State University for both undergraduate and graduate school where he received B.S. degrees in Applied Mathematics and Economics as well as an M.S. degree in Advanced Analytics from the Institute for Advanced Analytics.

Now at Aizon, Kevin continues to deliver value by working hand-in-hand with customers to co-create, develop, and implement strategic, AI-focused solutions.


Cristian Marfa, VP of Sales Engineers, Aizon.ai

Cristian is the VP of Sales Engineers at Aizon, providing 20+ years experience in Manufacturing Industrial software and Automation business. At Aizon, he has built a global group of Sales Engineers and Life Sciences Industry Experts that serve the pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing industry to deploy advanced innovative AI-powered solutions. Before joining Aizon, Cristian worked at Aveva-Wonderware in different roles, first building the operations in the Spanish market as the Director for technical support as well as training and consulting services, and then running EMEA product marketing for the HMI & Supervisory Portfolio, and finally managing sales for the AVEVA EURA Software Business Development Group.He started his career in Siemens as Simatic IT Technical Manager in Spain, deploying MES and eBR solutions to different industries and was honoured to serve as a member of Siemens International MES committee. He has a degree in Electronic and Electrical Industrial Engineering from the Barcelona University (UAB) , Master on Pricing Strategies and Customer management skills from SDA Bocconi (Milano) and Master on workgroup strategies and decision making from EADA (Barcelona).


Andrea Corona | Senior Editor | Pharma Manufacturing