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Benchmarking pharma's OT cybersecurity -- Insights from Pharma Manufacturing

Join us on-demand for this Pharma Manufacturing-hosted webinar sponsored by Dragos and Fortinet. Attend this webinar and afterwards, we will give you access to the full report.

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Originally Broadcasted:
 Thursday, April 13, 2023

Sponsors: Dragos, Fortinet

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The industrial cyber threat landscape is constantly changing with new adversaries, vulnerabilities, and attacks that put pharma operations and safety at risk. This webinar, hosted by Pharma Manufacturing, will be an interactive panel involving cybersecurity experts from Fortinet and Dragos, discussing results from a recent survey that sought to uncover the latest challenges and priorities concerning OT cybersecurity for pharmaceutical manufacturers and organizations.  

During this webinar, we review the findings from the research and share insights regarding:

  • Areas for improving OT cybersecurity preparedness
  • Challenges in improving OT cybersecurity for legacy as well as modernized systems
  • Best practices for building a robust cybersecurity strategy to support the cyber-physical environments across pharma manufacturing
  • Importance of partnerships when taking the first steps to start or restart an OT cybersecurity program


Nathan Nichols | Healthcare-Pharmaceutical Solutions Architect | FORTINET

Fortinet Healthcare-Pharmaceutical Solutions Architect, Nathan Nichols brings over 16 years of experience in planning, building, managing, and supporting healthcare infrastructure for a large public health system.Nathan’s vast technology experience also includes expertise and management for Unix, Windows, and mainframe systems administration, Voice-over-IP, software development, and quality assurance within healthcare, financial services, public utility, and service provider spaces.Nathan enjoys creating solutions for interesting problems and sharing knowledge with others. He frequently represents Fortinet as the featured speaker at regional and national healthcare and pharmaceutical conferences and industry events.

Andy Wilpizeski | Senior Solutions Architect | Dragos

Dragos Senior Solutions Architect, Andy Wilpizeski (Allentown, PA), has nearly a decade of OT-specific Cyber Security experience.  Primarily supporting Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, and Building Management System customers, Andy helps drive OT security maturity through the means of asset visibility and threat detection.  Prior to his time at Dragos, Andy led Security Architecture for OT and ICS at AbbVie and Allergan, and led OT Security Engineering for Versum Materials (a since-acquired specialty chemicals subsidiary of Merck KGaA).  Andy focuses on ensuring a defensible architecture within the OT Environments (including Manufacturing, Analytical/QA/QC, and R&D), whilst maintaining an emphasis on End User Experience.

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