MA-5000 Series Application-Specific Spectroscopic Sensors

Symbion Systems, Inc., a leading provider of analytical instrument control, analysis, and connectivity software for both laboratory and real-time chemical process analysis, today announced the introduction of its MA-5000 Series Application-Specific Spectroscopic Sensors. These sensors bring together diverse capabilities in the areas of spectral analysis, sample interfacing, robust packaging, chemometrics, and instrumentation software to provide dedicated solutions for applications ranging from pharmaceutical blending to agriculture and petrochemical process analysis.

The hardware components of the MA-5000 Sensors feature robust reliability combined with minimized power consumption enabling specific models to operate for extended periods using rechargeable batteries. Spectroscopic engines have been chosen to optimize performance for each specific application, whether involving liquid, gas-phase, or solids analysis. Available spectral ranges ranging from UV to near-infrared (NIR). Each MA-5000 Sensor includes a miniature on-board computer loaded with the appropriate range of Symbion Systems software. Typical components include the Symbion RTM rapid deployment package and Symbion QT chemometrics. Secure web-based communications provides for cloud-based data storage as well as remote monitoring in real time via a smart phone or tablet.

Symbion's MA-5000 Series is the latest member of the Company's expanding family of solutions for spectroscopic analysis. The family includes Symbion DX and Symbion RX, which provide analysts and technicians comprehensive capability for every aspect laboratory and real time process analysis. These software products empower analysts and technicians to exploit the benefits of the Quality by Design (QbD) approach which is gaining importance for pharmaceutical PAT (Process Analytical Technology) and on-line chemical process monitoring. Symbion RTM employs multithreaded data processing to facilitate rapid deployment of analyzers capable of thirty or more analytical outputs per second.

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