Burkert Integral Filter Valve Assembly

Burkert is pleased to announce the recent product launch of its IFV (Integral Filter Valve) Assembly.  The IFV is a direct result of the continued progression toward modularization in the Bioprocessing industry designed to increase yields and reduce dropped batches.  The integration of a sterile filter assembly and adjacent valving into one integral block assembly reduces contact surfaces and hold up volume, while greatly reducing dimensional envelope constraints and installation time.  The assembly comes complete with a universal filter housing mount, two conventional hygienic diaphragm valves and one “double” weir robolux hygienic diaphragm valve.  An RTD is provided on the condensate port of the condensate to assure sterilization of the filter housing. A mounting pad is supplied on one side of the valve assembly to assist in field mounting.  
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Burkert Fluid Control Systems