Value Plastics: Bag Port Technology to Transfer Media and Drug Compounds

Value Plastics, a Nordson Company, introduces a technologically advanced series of ports for the single-use bags used to transfer media and drug compounds in the biopharmaceutical industry.

According to Ken Davis, Value Plastics’ Global Marketing Manager, “These feature-rich products, available only from Value Plastics, offer a variety of new benefits to biomanufacturers, including the specific benefits of the Value Pharma material described below:

  • Animal derivative-free qualification
  • USP Class VI certification
  • Guaranteed heat sealing and conformance with polyethylene bags
  • 24-hour resistance to alcohol stress cracking—a critical feature when processing materials that can cost thousands of dollars per liter

The new bag ports also incorporate two unique features that reduce process time and potential damage to expensive media. Parabolic lead-ins on the ports save time by shortening the time required to drain a bag by up to 24%, while alignment ribs improve fluid flow dynamics by reducing shear impact as material exits the bag. For widespread industry compatibility, the new ports are designed to work with common tubing sizes, as well as industry-standard fittings, filters and other devices.

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Value Plastics