Pall Corp.: Mustang XT Acrodisc Ion Exchange Chromatography Units for Laboratory Use and Process Development

Mustang XT Acrodisc units, available in Q and S chemistries, are ideal for scale-down process development work in a variety of downstream process applications. A membrane volume of < 1 mL reduces the amount of sample required for evaluation, and the female luer lock inlet and outlet simplifies connection to typical low pressure chromatography systems.

The open pore structure eliminates diffusion limitations of conventional macroporous sorbents, allowing biomolecules to access all binding sites by convective flow. In addition, the large pores eliminate the size exclusion effect allowing full access to the binding chemistry for very large proteins, plasmids and viruses.
Each unit contains 16 layers of Mustang membrane, exactly the same as the larger Mustang units, allowing accurate scale-up from process development to pilot and process scale, especially with regards to flow/differential pressure and dynamic binding capacity.
High Quality Standards
 Pall Life Sciences certifies that Mustang XT Acrodisc units are:

  • Manufactured in accordance with 21 CFR Part 820, Quality System Requirements.
  • In compliance with published specifications.
  • Fully traceable to raw components.
  • Constructed of component materials that meet United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Biological Reactivity Test, in vivo <88>.
Process Control
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Process control
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