Value Plastics Expands Press-In Plug Line

Value Plastics, manufacturer of plastic tubing connectors, announces the expansion of their press-in plug (PIP) line. PIPs are frequently used by biopharmaceutical and medical device companies to seal off tubing during the sterilization process. Due to increasing production volumes, companies have trended towards using larger tubing and as a result, the biopharm industry has expressed a need for larger PIP sizes - particularly 3/8" and 1/2" fittings. Value Plastics is accommodating this need and providing these parts in the industry's preferred resin, USP Class VI animal-free polypropylene. The use of products that are free of animal derivative agents has become an increasingly popular practice among biopharm and medical device companies as it significantly reduces contamination concerns.  
Another noteworthy product enhancement is the incorporation of Value Plastics' 600 Series barbs. This feature will be most appreciated by consumers using silicone and C-Flex tubing - materials commonly found in single-use applications. The strategic design of the 600 Series barb helps to create a tighter seal with this soft and flexible tubing.
Ken Davis, Global Marketing Manager for Value Plastics, comments, "While the biopharmaceutical industry in particular will embrace this solution, there are a number of other industries that will welcome the press-in plug line expansion as well. This is just yet another example of Value Plastics accommodating changing needs and providing consumers with what their applications require."
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