Meissner: Delivers a High Performance 0.1 μm Mycoplasma Rated PES Filter

Meissner Filtration Products delivers its STyLUX SC0.1 filter – a validated 0.1 μm rated filter for controlling mycoplasma in critical processes. This sterilizing grade filter provides 100% retention of mycoplasma per modified ASTM F838 Challenge. The STyLUX SC0.1 filter features a unique, high performance polyethersulfone membrane that yields absolute retention of mycoplasma contaminants and bacteria, while providing high flow rates and increased throughputs. The inherently hydrophilic STyLUX filter also offers low extractables, low protein binding and wide chemical resistance.
The STyLUX SC 0.1 μm rated filter offers the highest reliability and security for the sterilization of serum, culture media and other biological fluids where complete removal of mycoplasma is required. This high flow capacity filter is available in filter cartridges, capsule filters and ultra high capacity UltraCap capsule filters. Meissner manufactures advanced microfiltration products and One-Touch single-use systems used in the sterilization of drugs, reagents, and other critical pharmaceutical and
biomanufacturing applications. Meissner provides comprehensive qualification and validation services, documentation, and application support to optimize filtration and single-use fluid management systems. Meissner’s global customer base is serviced through a worldwide network of both factory-trained local distributors and factory personnel.
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Meissner Filtration