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United Industries has supplied stainless steel tubing to the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years, providing ASTM A270 tubing of exceptional quality that meets or exceeds the strict materials and production requirements of pharmaceutical and biotechnology environments.

Proven Quality, Every Time: ASTM Testing and More
All pharmaceutical tubing is tested to meet or exceed ASTM 270/S2 requirements. We also perform flare, flatten, flange, and reverse bend tests. Surface roughness is measured per ASME/ANSI B46.1 requirements. These measurements are derived from four (4) readings taken at cross sections approximately 90 degrees apart.

Finished to Perfection: The Ultimate in Purity, Inside and Out
High Purity pharmaceutical tubing meets the rigorous A270-S2 ASME BPE requirements for contaminant and corrosion resistant smooth surfaces.

SFT1 (Mechanical Polish) – 20Ra max. (0.5μm) ID, 32Ra max. (0.8μm) OD
SFT4 (Electro Polish) – 15Ra max. (0.4μm), 32Ra max. (0.8μm) OD
All mechanical polished tubes meet or exceed A270, A270-S2, ASME BPE.
All BPE tubes are 100% boroscoped to ensure compliance.

Ensuring the Best Results: Bright Annealing
United Industries tubing is bright annealed and rapidly quenched to meet ASTM requirements. This process results in improved fabrication, formability, and corrosion resistance.

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Connectors and piping
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