Photoelectric Communication Sensor Provides Process Control from Any Location

Tri-Tronics Company, Inc. has introduced a patented, high performance, photoelectric communication sensor that provides users with complete remote control…from an onboard HMI, or from a central plant control station. The new state-of-the-art SMARTEYE X-PRO MODEL XPC was designed for applications where it is critical to monitor and configure machines for local or plant-wide automation. It is ideal for companies that require multi-drop sensor feedback for overall process control in the pharmaceutical, packaging, and other industries.


• RS485 or RS232 Communication
• Five Onboard Memory Locations
• Digital Changeover and Control
• Remote Sensor Monitoring
• Speed vs. Resolution Select…60us, 125us, 450us
• Sensor Performance Graph/Scope
• Addressable…128 Nodes without a Repeater
• Internal Digital Display…4096
• Choice of Red, White, or Infrared LED
• Aux IN/OUT
• Patent No. 6,950,778
Process Control
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