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W. L. Gore has released its Lyoguard freeze-drying container that is ideal for research and stability studies, scale-up evaluations and multi-product lyophilization operations, providing similar product protection as its freeze-drying trays. These single-use, autoclavable containers hold up to 60 ml of product and have removable, screw-on lids, incorporating an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene membrane, that provide easy access to the pharmaceutical cake.

Unlike traditional open trays used in lyophilization, Lyoguard products contain and protect pharmaceutical compounds in a “closed” system, while providing for sublimation of solvent (normally water) to occur. This closed-system design provides several benefits in a multi-product environment, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and product loss due to fly-out. It also reduces and possibly eliminates the time-consuming process of cleaning the freeze-drying equipment and any cleaning validation that was necessary. These non-particulating containers improve consistency and accuracy of research and test results, reducing potential sources of research error.

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