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The new color version of the Omron Electronics Smart Sensor, the ZFV-C, offers sensing capabilities close to human vision, including the ability to distinguish shapes and colors. Color sensing enables the ZFV-C to “see” images invisible to monochromatic sensors. It also makes the sensor more reliable when inspecting complex targets, according to the company. Integrated color filters enable sensing of only selected colors when necessary to get a better image.

The ZFV-C also features a “Teach and Go” function using a color LCD screen and simple menu that reduce setup for inspections to a few simple steps. The screen shows a live image for instant feedback during both setup and inspection operations. There are eight sensor functions available, depending on the controller used, including counting, pattern recognition, size verification, position, brightness, width, text verification and hue (comparing sensed color to a reference color). As many as five sensors can be con-nected to one controller bus through a snap-on system, allowing five different inspections in one pass to greatly increase productivity.

The ZFV-C sensor is ideal for many industrial applications, including manufacturing, assembly and packaging lines, where quick, easy setup and the added discrimination delivered by color sensing are critical.

The ZFV-C smart sensor is currently available from stock, and is priced at $2,300.00.

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