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Recently introduced by Celeros, Inc., the APD class of centrifuges allows contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) to reduce capital expenditures on downstream equipment by applying this technology platform to a wide range of biotech separation applications, according to the company. Celeros literature indicates that the APD's applicability to numerous separations where the recovery of secreted proteins is desired is fueling demand among contract manufacturers of vaccines, mammalian cell based therapies and filamentous fungi products.

A modern version of the traditional tubular bowl centrifuge, the Model APD incorporates an automatic piston that totally discharges the solids phase from the centrifuge bowl. Unlike existing disc centrifuge technologies, the solids exit the APD as a dry paste in a form that is easily transferred or reconstituted for further processing.

Combining low-shear flow-path features and rotational speeds from 0 to 20,000 x G, the multi-purpose APD centrifuge is designed to address the needs of laboratories and industrial biotech separation processes. The machine offers validated CIP/SIP systems, thermal control, vacuum systems and PLC controls for processing flexibility. Celeros APD centrifuges can handle reactor volumes from 10 to 10,000 liters.

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