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Three new components have been added to Siemens Energy & Automation’s Simatic RF600 RFID line, a coordinated system of matched hardware and software components utilizing Ultra High Frequency (UHF) technology (860 to 956 megahertz frequencies).

The new components — the Simatic RF610 mobile UHF reader, Simatic RF620L Smartlabels, and Simatic IT Production Modeler — are now available in the U.S. as part of the RF600 line that is designed to reduce storage costs and enhance supply chain repeatability from a single platform.

The Simatic RF610 mobile UHF reader functions as a plug-in card for a number of mobile devices, including PCs, notebooks and PDAs. The mobile reader can be used simultaneously with barcode scanners. Supporting EPC and ISO standards, the reader operates online and offline.

The new Simatic RF620L Smartlabels are attached to transport units, cardboard containers and goods and may be used in a variety of ways, including distribution logics and goods identification. Each Smartlabel has a unique identifier (EPC Code 96 bit). The Smartlabels correspond to UCODE EPC 1:19 and ensure that data will be maintained for 10 years. Functional in temperatures ranging from -20 to +70 degrees C, the Smartlabels operate for at least 100,000 write cycles and unlimited read cycles.

The Simatic IT Production Modeler imports RFID data directly into Siemens' Simatic IT Manufacturing Execution System (MES), linking and harmonizing the information in the higher-level business planning software. The Production Modeler helps define business process rules by converting RFID reader data into business-relevant information, including incoming goods transactions; thereby becoming a hub for distributing RFID data to all higher-level software systems.

The MES applications of Simatic IT also give new options to RFID users, including reducing material and time losses by automatically updating information stored in material management software.

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