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Wahl Instruments, Inc announces its new Pocket Process Calibrator/Meter for Process Signals. The Wahl P32 meets the needs of transmitters and process sensors that are becoming more and more accurate and reliable. Simple and robust, this instrument has been designed to simplify maintenance operations and installation of sensors and transmitters using process signals such as 4-20mA or 0-10V.

The Wahl P32 has a graphic interface that makes for easy programming and reading. It has accuracy of 0.015% of reading, and the resolution displayed is adjustable from a tenth to a thousandth of the value measured to provide the level of confidence you need. The Wahl P32 Emission function, can generate simple or cyclic ramps with adjustable high and low levels and rising and falling times and stabilization time. Thanks to the scaling of measured and generated signals, a direct reading of sensors units simplifies the job.

The Wahl P32 can also generate steps and fixed values in order to check span and linearity of transmitters, panel meters and recorders. The statistical calculation of measurements includes maximum, minimum and average of the measured signal are always displayed as is the number of measurements. The Hold function allows user to freeze the display measurement. The Filter can be applied to minimize the least significant digit fluctuation. A starting delay function is programmable when ramps, steps or values are emitted to allow user to reach the control post in time.

The Wahl P32 can measure current output of transmitters using Hart protocol. Designed for outdoor use, low temperature coefficients provide the accuracy needed in the worst ambient conditions. Also, includes Square Root and software upgrade opportunities.

Other features include an anti-shock rubber sheath and watertight IP 54 housing. Select one of five languages to operate your calibrator/meter. Adjustable contrast and programmable backlight display, it continuously displays date and time. The Wahl P32 comes complete with 2 measurement leads, 4-AA batteries with an up to 40 hours of useful life, protective carrying case, wrist strap, instruction manual on CD ROM, NIST certification and a one year warranty.

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