PerkinElmer, Inc.

PerkinElmer Inc. recently launched two new infrared (IR) spectrometers, the Spectrum 100 FT-IR and 100N FT-NIR.

The Spectrum 100 Series offers a broad array of features and advantages, including a new Universal Attenuated Total Reflectance (UATR) accessory, new fiber-optic near-infrared (NIR) probe, Go Button, and an enhanced version of PerkinElmer’s Spectrum and AssureID software packages.

This fiber-optic NIR probe is just one feature of the new Spectrum 100 Series.

Key end-user benefits for this comprehensive offering include:
  • Reproducibility –
  • Built-in intelligence controls and monitors measurements, alerting users to potential errors to ensure consistent results. Also, smart accessories – including the new UATR – increase efficiencies with the analysis of a wide range of samples. In addition, permanently aligned kinematically mounted sampling ensures perfect measurement-to-measurement reproducibility.

  • Quality –
  • Improved sensitivity based on state-of-the-art digital electronics and superior optical design maximizes source output to increase signal-to-noise ratio without sacrificing source lifetime. In addition, high-quality optics provide top level efficiency for the most demanding measurements.

  • Productivity –
  • LCD Instrument Display and Go Button features allow users to conduct continuous analyses of multiple samples directly at the instrument to improve productivity. In addition, a handset user interface and LCD allows continuous remote operation.
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