Fette America

Fette America is beginning to offer VRTrain 3-D visual simulation programs for training operators on the use and care of its tablet presses. The first program, for the Fette 2090i, is now available. Additional programs for other machines will be added in the coming months.

According to Rich Derickson, vice president of sales and operations, the VRTrain software modules will help to reduce direct training expenses while providing accelerated operator certification and more effective cross training. “The simulated machine environment at the heart of the program allows for unlimited training time on the virtual machine, with fully immersive and interactive simulations that totally engage the user, allowing them to make decisions, practice, and test their newly-learned skills," he said. "This means that operators will be better trained, resulting in greater safety and efficiency on the production floor.”

According to Product Animations, Inc., producers of VRTrain, studies by the National Training Laboratory for Applied Behavioral Science show that training with interactive simulation programs increases understanding and retention almost five times over the typical classroom setting.

The VRTrain program that is available for Fette's 2090i tablet press provides immersive, interactive simulations that totally engage users, allowing them to make decisions, practice and test their newly-learned skills.

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