Multisorb Technologies

Introduced at Interphex 2005, the Multiform Coated Solid Form (CSF) offers a compact sorbent material that can provide twice the adsorbent capacity as a similarly sized conventional sorbent. Manufacturers who face space constraints that limit the room for sorbents or require a special shape for their sorbent will find Multiform CSF a viable solution. The pharmaceutical grade coating allows for direct product contact. Manufacturers who are currently using multiple insertions of conventional sorbents such as canisters, can save you money and increase their line speed by using Multiform CSF.

The product is made with FDA-approved, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and has a Drug Master File available. Depending on volumes, Multiform CSF can be made into shapes that fit your package, rather than making your package conform to the sorbent. It can be used in bottles, blister packs and overwrap packs.


  • Compact sorbent material has a large capacity for a given size
  • The compressed sorbent is nearly indestructible for most applications
  • Can be shaped to specific applications
  • Can be dispensed from conventional canister
  • Dust-free


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