Free Design of Experiments (DoE) Handbook

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Jul 17, 2014

For decades, scientists at GE Healthcare Life Sciences have been developing new techniques and tools to help you optimize your protein purification.

Our all-new, 128-page handbook, Design of Experiments in Protein Production and Purification, is packed with ideas to help you implement DoE techniques that will increase your output in protein expression and purification.

See for yourself by downloading your free copy today from the GE Knowledge Center.

What’s inside:

• Learn how to use DoE tools to get the most out of your experiments and increase the reliability of your conclusions.
• Learn how to use effective DoE tools for high-quality data analysis to visualize and understand what matters and to what degree.
• Get practical insights into DoE, with real-life examples from protein expression and purification that highlight different aspects of experimental planning and execution.

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