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  • Unvarnished Truth: Solving the Case of the Migrating Molecule

    In the course of her work, Metrics Inc. scientist Deanna Williamson discovered that a component of label varnish had permeated an HDPE bottle and found its way into drug product. In this video from AAPS 2010, she shares her experience and lessons learned.

  • Demonstration: Label Inspection in the Round

    Mettler Toledo's CI-Vision is a 360-degree inspection system. Four cameras work together to present a complete view of the label and ensure accurate readings of codes and dates, explains MT's Doug Pantazi at Interphex 2010.

  • Demonstration: 2-D Barcode Simplicity

    Mettler's Mark Feher demonstrates the new XMV Mark + Vision system, which prints 2-D verifiable code on cartons, and then inspects and rejects if necessary.

  • A World Beyond ICH: WHO, ISO Must Figure Prominently in Harmonization

    Regulatory harmonization has made great strides, but if efforts are to become truly global the World Health Organization must be involved. In this audio interview, Birgitte Holst, Manager of Manufacturing Science & Quality at Novo Nordisk, discusses pharmacopeia, terminology, anticounterfeiting, and more.

  • Tracing and Authentication: On-Dose Protection at the Nano-Scale

    NanoGuardian’s proprietary technology reshapes the surface of a tablet, capsule, or vial cap to provide on-dose product security with, as they say in supermarket lingo, “no additives or preservatives.” Senior account executive Kirk Barnes shares some of the details of NanoGuardian’s work to get FDA’s endorsement of the technology, and a Doppler-like statistical model that predicts soft spots in a product’s global protection program.

  • Filling and Packaging’s Greatest Hits

    There’s music in the machinery. For your viewing and listening pleasure, enjoy some of the more tuneful product demos available on YouTube.

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