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  • Webcast: Take the Safe Path to Creating ERP Value

    You know you cannot afford to handle the complexities of chargebacks, scalability, and compliance with solutions that don't add value to your bottom line. Considering moving forward with a new ERP solution? Watch this on demand webcast to learn how to avoid the pitfalls, and manage the risk, during all stages of your ERP project, so that you can enjoy the payoffs quickly and (relatively) painlessly.

    CDC Software
  • From SharePoint to Cloud Computing: Microsoft's Life Sciences Evolution

    Microsoft is positioning SharePoint as a solution to the industry's innovation gap. In this interview with Senior Editor Paul Thomas at DIA 2010, Michael Naimoli, Director of Life Sciences Industry Solutions, discusses how manufacturers like GSK and Merck are using SharePoint as a knowledge management platform to find new ways to innovate.

  • Flowing Over: Continuous Manufacturing Finding a Home in Pharma

    The significant uptake of continuous processing in pharma coincides with technologies that enable it. Most of the technology gaps have been filled, says Microfluidics' CTO Mimi Panagiotou, PhD, who discusses why continuous processing is reaching a tipping point in pharma now, and various ways that manufacturers are using her company's MRT reactors for continuous crystallization and multi-phase reactions.

  • Automating R&D Workflows, Searching for Step-Change Productivity Gains

    Freeslate is working with J&J and other pharma clients to automate and integrate diverse workflows within pharma labs and make analytical data more accessible to development scientists. We talk with CEO John Senaldi to get a better sense of his company's solutions, including the benefits of Lab Execution & Analysis (LEA) software.

  • Single-Use Systems and Automation: An Unhappy Marriage?

    There's an obvious need for improved process control and monitoring with single-use bioprocess equipment and systems. It's a matter of maturity, and integration, says Sartorius Stedim's Paul Priebe. He puts the burden on the supplier community: "We can't just provide our customers with a box of legos," he says. Single-use technologies have to be more integrated and standardized.

  • BIO 2010: Kidding Around with Shionogi's Sico

    Shionogi's Robot, Sico, takes time at BIO to speak with us about how automated robots are helping autistic and special-needs children in hospitals and organizations around the country.

  • Webcast: Pharma Supply Chain Innovation

    This program is dedicated to a discussion of maintaining competitiveness and operational advantage in a rapidly changing environment. Three industry experts, Thomas Panzer, VP Global Supply Chain, Bayer Biotech, Hans Engels, CEO, DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc., moderated by Nari Viswanathan, VP Supply Chain Research, Aberdeen Group, will share their thoughts and potential solutions for managing ever increasing industry pressures.

  • Satellite Process Assurance Hub (SPAH) Drug Facility Layout

    Two years ago, Joseph Lam, managing director of Beacons Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a leading generics manufacturer in Singapore, was awarded a U.S. patent for a novel drug facility layout, SPAH. Mention of this provoked some surprise from experts in the U.S. engineering and construction world. They had never heard of a plant layout, however creative, being patented.

  • Video: AZ’s Brennan on Manufacturing as a Core Competency

    AstraZeneca raised some eyebrows a few years ago when executives suggested that the company would outsource most of its manufacturing operations. In this interview, CEO David Brennan clarifies this perception: It’s all about recognizing your core competencies, he says, and for AZ that means biologics and late-stage small molecule production. For “commodity” operations, outsourcing makes perfect sense, he says.

  • Developing a Process Control Model for Mammalian Cell Culture Production

    Process development groups use modeling to improve the predictability of bioprocesses. Broadley-James Corp. and partners (Nova Biomedical, Emerson, Thermo Fisher, and others) are working to establish “black box” models—first for recombinant proteins and now for mammalian cell culture—that investigate control strategies to better inform process experimentation. Broadley-James’ Michael Boudreau explains.

  • Thermo Continuing to Ramp Up Spectroscopy Offerings

    Thermo Fisher took the opportunity of Pittcon 2009 to promote its expanded capabilities in LC/MS, as well as in Raman, IR, and NIR. Global VP Ian Jardine gets technical with Emil Ciurczak about the new offerings, and about software upgrades such as automatic calibration.

  • IFPAC 2009: Chemometrics—Walk Before You Run

    Keep chemometrics simple, says Charles Miller, Senior Research Scientist with Eigenvector Research. He walks us through the resurgence of direct calibration, open source software, and other topics of interest.

  • IFPAC 2009: Cooley and Ciurczak on Online HPLC Analysis

    Process HPLC has come a long way, and Rick Cooley, formerly of Lilly and currently of Dionex, gives Emil Ciurczak a cook’s tour of the new Integral, whose modular functionalities make it suitable for the lab or process plant.

  • IFPAC 2009: Towards 100% Tablet Inspection

    Time Domain TeraHertz Spectroscopy may help manufacturers achieve that elusive goal of inspecting every tablet, explains Picometrix’ Mark Kemper in this interview with Emil Ciurczak.

  • Podcast from ISA 2008: Wireless Enable Your Old Gauges

    Harry Sim left Honeywell for Cypress Envirosystems (a subsidiary of Cypress Semicon) two years ago because he had an idea that needed Silicon Valley innovation and technology. Now, with Honeywell’s help, Sim’s wireless gauge readers are giving new life and a digital flair to outmoded dial gauges—at Genentech and other pharma sites. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Senior Editor Paul Thomas spoke with Sim at the recent ISA 2008 show in Houston.

  • PAT Talk with Anjali Kataria

    Emil Ciurczak and Jack Carroll discuss knowledge management and ICH Q-10 with CMO and Cofounder of Conformia, Inc. Anjali Kataria at the 2008 Interphex Show.

  • Collaborating for Quality by Design

    Aegis Analytical's Justin Neway goes into further detail on the necessity of process development and manufcturing being on the same team in this audio presentation.

    Aegis Analytical
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