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  • A World Beyond ICH: WHO, ISO Must Figure Prominently in Harmonization

    Regulatory harmonization has made great strides, but if efforts are to become truly global the World Health Organization must be involved. In this audio interview, Birgitte Holst, Manager of Manufacturing Science & Quality at Novo Nordisk, discusses pharmacopeia, terminology, anticounterfeiting, and more.

  • Microfluidics to Eliminate Animal Trials

    Dublin-based Cellix is using microfluidics drug screening to simulate human capillaries and circumvent the need for costly and controversial animal trials. CEO Vivienne Williams explains.

  • Increasing Bioavailability for Oral/Solid Dosage Forms

    Does your drug really need the needle? Senior Digital Editor Michele Vaccarello Wagner sits down with Merrion Pharmaceuticals CEO John Lynch at Trinity College Dublin to discuss the GIPET and GIRES technology for developing oral forms of drugs that were previously injection-based.

  • AstraZeneca’s David Brennan: Think Globally, Outsource Locally

    While AstraZeneca has committed to outsourcing extensively, and to establishing prominence in China and other Asian countries, it does not have a “one-size-fits-all” approach to outsourcing, says CEO David Brennan in this exclusive interview. In many parts of the world, the company is still learning by doing and developing local strategies for when and how to outsource manufacturing and other operations, and when (as in China) to keep things mostly in-house.

  • Tracing and Authentication: On-Dose Protection at the Nano-Scale

    NanoGuardian’s proprietary technology reshapes the surface of a tablet, capsule, or vial cap to provide on-dose product security with, as they say in supermarket lingo, “no additives or preservatives.” Senior account executive Kirk Barnes shares some of the details of NanoGuardian’s work to get FDA’s endorsement of the technology, and a Doppler-like statistical model that predicts soft spots in a product’s global protection program.

  • Podcast: Why California (Still) Matters

    Don't assume that just because California has pushed back its pedigree/serialization compliance date back to 2015 that it doesn't matter anymore. It's still very relevant, says Pembroke Consulting's Adam Fein, and will likely serve as the model for inevitable federal regulations. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing spoke with Fein recently about these issues and the cost of compliance--this podcast picks up in the middle of the conversation.

    [Editor's Note: For regular and truly expert insight on the pharma supply chain, visit Fein's Drug Channels blog.]

  • Microsoft Discusses SharePoint and Clinical Trials at DIA

    Editor-in-Chief Agnes Shanley met with two top executives with Microsoft’s Life Sciences division, Les Jordan, Industry Technology Strategist and Michael Naimoli, Director at this year's DIA meeting to learn more about SharePoint, its manufacturing and drug development platforms, and new clinical trial data management platform developed by TranSenda but powered by Office.

  • Interview with DSM Biologics President Karen King

    Karen King, President of DSM Biologics, discusses the implications of the company’s recent joint venture with Crucell in this interview with Editor-in-Chief Agnes Shanley at the BIO 2008 Conference.

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