Materials ID: The More the Merrier in the Handheld Device Market?

By Paul Thomas, Senior Editor

Capable new Raman-based and other handheld technologies are proliferating as drug manufacturers see the need for quick, mobile raw materials inspection capabilities.

This month, B&W Tek introduced the NanoRam, what it calls the “Next Generation Handheld Raman Instrument for Material Verification in cGMP Compliant Facilities.” B&W ( joins an increasingly crowded market, but one that has plenty of room left, as drug manufacturers and distributors realize the benefits of “point and shoot” handheld devices to quickly identify raw materials en route. Another player in the market, BaySpec, Inc., recently sold its handheld Raman technology lines to Rigaku Americas Corporation, which will create the Rigaku Raman Technologies division. B&W and Rigaku, along with Thermo Fisher Scientific and Intevac (Delta Nu), are allowing manufacturers to make great strides in efficiency and materials safety. Thus, we’ve been following these solution providers closely for the past several years. Below are video features we’ve done recently with Thermo (formerly Ahura Scientific), BaySpec, and Delta Nu: