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  • Focus on Pharma: Faster Knowledge and Technology Transfer Using Video

    Transferability of experimental methods is a problem for industrial and academic labs alike, wasting millions of dollars each year. The Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) uses video to help transfer the knowledge required to carry out lab experiments successfully. Co-founder Moshe Pritsker discusses its business model, industry issues and how the journal works.

  • Webcast: Supply Chain Security at Pfizer: Threats, Strategies, and Successes

    Recent high-profile product recalls and counterfeiting cases have drawn attention to the need for drug manufacturers to work across the entire supply chain to ensure product safety and quality. Join Brian Johnson, Pfizer Senior Director of Supply Chain Security, and consultant Russ Somma, in a webcast discussion of best practices for ensuring supply chain security.

  • Taking the Emotion Out of Pharma Outsourcing: John Gray Discusses Recent Research into Quality Risks Offshore

    Outsourcing and offshoring are touchy subjects for any community anxious about losing potential industry and jobs. A study in November's issue of the Journal of Operations Management suggests that quality risks increase when operations are moved offshore, but emphasizes the fact that this is a knowledge management problem. Lead author, Professor John Gray of Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business, discusses the study, industry reaction, misunderstandings and upcoming research on this important, but difficult, topic.

  • Webcast: Turning Biopharm Data into Knowledge: A Patient-Centered Approach

    Biopharmaceutical manufacturing is often described as "data rich, but information poor." Focusing on essential data, and making it accessible to those who need it, in the format most useful to them, is the key to improving product quality, ensuring compliance and reducing time to market. What do manufacturers need to do, and how are forward-thinking companies tackling this problem? Join us for a program exploring issues, presenting today's best practices and exploring future solutions.

  • Focus on Pharma: FDA's Friedman Urges Better Supplier Oversight and Investment in Quality; Any Questions? Call Me, says FDA's Rothman

    Understaffing quality operations, failing to oversee suppliers and contractors, and blaming problems on mid-level QC and manufacturing managers, is not the answer. At a summer conference on GMP's, FDA's Rick Friedman and colleagues Barry Rothman and Steven Wolfgang, discussed the roots of current supply shortages, and emphasized the need for proactive communication with the Agency and its district offices. They also responded to criticism on the way the Agency's handling inspections.

  • Behavioral Issues: How Pharma Can Rethink Change Management

    Up to 70% of corporate change initiatives fail, notes Bill Wilder, director of the Life Cycle Institute, the training arm of Life Cycle Engineering (LCE). Oftentimes, it is because pharmaceutical and other manufacturers focus on products and processes, but not on people. Contrary to popular opinion, people generally don’t resist change, says Wilder. “They resist being changed when they don't know why.” In this interview, Wilder shares insights into how drug manufacturers can better manage change and strengthen their organizations from within.

  • Rapid Microbiological Technologies: A Talk With Bret Barnhizer of NanoLogix

    Bret Barnhizer, CEO of NanoLogix, talks about his company’s methods for rapid microbiological detection and ID: BioNanoPore, for total plate count, and BioNanoFilter, for detection and identification. Results are generally found in hours rather than days, Barnhizer says, which is why companies like P&G Pharma and GSK are taking an interest.

  • No Torch Required: Using Press Technology to Join Stainless Steel Tubing

    For many industrial applications, press technology is replacing welding as a preferred means of joining stainless steel piping. For one thing, it’s simple and easy, as shown in this video by Tom Shields, director of Industrial Accounts for Viega Industrial Piping Solutions.

  • Webcast: Reinventing Lean in the Pharma Lab

    In this program, Pfizer’s Ciarán Crosbie and BSM’s Lorcan Mannion illustrate how pharmaceutical laboratories can master the concepts and tools of levelling and flow and achieve significant gains. The presentations are based upon successful implementations at Pfizer’s Grange Castle, Ireland facility.

  • April Webcast Series on cGMP Compliance and Data Integrity

    Hear from the legal team that represented whistleblower Cheryl Eckard (Lesley Ann Skillen and Neil Getnick) and from qui tam expert Ken Nolan of Nolan and Auerbach on how to prevent legal liability and what employees need to know before considering whether to blow the whistle on noncompliant practices.

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