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  • Single-Use Products: Tubing Sets vs. Manifolds

    Unlike traditional process tubing sets, which are susceptible to leakage and entrapment issues, single-use manifolds and assemblies feature molded connections to ensure the purity of the fluid path. AdvantaPure's John Stover explains.

  • Satellite Process Assurance Hub (SPAH) Drug Facility Layout

    Two years ago, Joseph Lam, managing director of Beacons Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a leading generics manufacturer in Singapore, was awarded a U.S. patent for a novel drug facility layout, SPAH. Mention of this provoked some surprise from experts in the U.S. engineering and construction world. They had never heard of a plant layout, however creative, being patented.

  • Open Season for PAT

    ABB’s Thomas Buijs explains how an open architecture will empower PAT devices.

  • Today’s Wireless Pharma

    Honeywell’s Steve Zarichniak illustrates how the wireless facility is already being realized.

  • Oxygen Sense and Sensibility

    Dissolved oxygen monitoring is critical to biopharma processes, and the Visiferm DO provides accurate, and rugged, measurement regardless of flow or media, says Amber Ratcliff of Hamilton Company.

  • Good Engineering Practice in a QbD Time

    ISPE’s new baseline guide for Good Engineering Practice has just been released, and NNE Pharmaplan’s Peter Christiansen outlines key new concepts.

  • A Transparent Case for Glass Doors

    When it comes to pharmaceutical doors, more and more are looking like windows—ie, they’re glass, says Rytec CEO Don Grasso.

  • Proactive Contamination Control

    Smart manufacturers are heading off microbial issues by mapping their facilities and taking other proactive measures that go well beyond contamination control of the past. Tina Sturgill of Celsis Analytical Services explains.

  • Ali Afnan on Real Time Release and End of Line Testing

    At the 2009 Emerson Users Exchange, Ali Afnan, senior Fellow at FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, discusses real time release, highlighting Aventis work with API and finished drug manufacturing. End-of-line testing isn't bad, he says, but it needs to be used for different reasons.

  • Gawayne Mahboubian-Jones on PAT's Business Case

    Gawayne Mahboubian-Jones, Product Development Manager at Optimal Automation, discusses the need for creating a "process trajectory," and the role that process analytical technologies can play in drug development and manufacturing. Optimal's SynTQ platform has been used in numerous installations and is now bundled into some Emerson products. He spoke at a life sciences symposium at the Emerson Users Exchange in 2009.

  • Lilly Layoffs Reflect New Corp. Culture

    Lilly is the 10th largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Its size, success and corporate culture have long enabled many employees to spend their entire professional careers there. But the 'Lilly Lifer' corporate culture is changing.

  • PAT and the Plant: An Overview of Tools and Applications

    CAMO Software's Katherine Bakeev (former principal scientist for PAT at GlaxoSmithKline) speaks on PAT and multivariate analysis. While the start of this video is broad, the end illustrates how PAT fits into the IT, control, engineering, and operational framework of a plant.

  • Outsourcing GMP? Yes, If You Can Manage the Risk

    Outsourcing non-core GMP activities can make sense, but those who do must tread cautiously. Know the risks, manage them, and have a sound mitigation strategy. This video is the second in a series with outsourcing expert Rakesh Kishan, CEO of UMS Advisory, Inc.

  • Novel Concept: Outsourcing for the Good of Your Core Employees

    Many manufacturers may not realize that outsourcing can be an opportunity to empower core employees, expand their work roles and relationships, and give them new career options. Companies that approach outsourcing with the good of core employees in mind will succeed. Those that don’t risk alienating their best and brightest. This video is the third in a series with outsourcing expert Rakesh Kishan, CEO of UMS Advisory, Inc.

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