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  Teledyne Tekmar manufactures total organic carbon (TOC) and volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis equipment for a variety of pharmaceutical applications. For example, the Tekmar Fusion is a dual-role TOC instrument that is capable of performing USP/EP/JP analysis on water for injection (WFI) and pure water (PW) water samples as well as cleaning validation sample analysis with no carry-over contamination between samples. All Teledyne Tekmar instruments come with a full complement of 21 CFR Part 11 software tools for your compliance needs, as well as validation products such as documentation and services.

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White Papers

Using OEE and SMED to Reduce Tableting Cycle Time

How one manufacturer used Overall Equipment Effectiveness and Single Minute Exchange of Dies to get tablet compression back on track

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Is It Time for PAT to Go Green?

Process analytical technologies have paid off for quality and efficiency, so why not sustainability, asks GSK’s Darryl Ertl.

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Pharma’s Green Evolution

Big Pharma has gone green, but smaller manufacturers have yet to flip the switch, say industry experts and our own survey.

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Pushing Quality to Its Breaking Point

Texture analysis has become increasingly important for drug product quality, and is increasingly outsourced.

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Handheld Equipment Roundup: Portable Pharma

Handheld devices—rugged, robust, ones—are proliferating in pharma’s plants, labs, and warehouses. Here’s a look at what’s at your fingertips.

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Handheld Due Diligence: Include Operators in Choice of New Devices

As manufacturers continue to invest in handheld technologies, they must also expect an adoption curve.

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Webcast: Fix the Mix: Why Wyeth Turned to SAP Enterprise Inventory Optimization to Meet Supply Chain Targets

The pharmaceutical industry has not been shielded from the competitive dynamics of a "flat world." To remain ahead of their competitors, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals turned to Enterprise Inventory Optimization (EIO) to effectively manage inventory levels, service levels and costs. Join Allen Jacques, leader of Wyeth’s biopharma supply chain, and other speakers in this webcast to learn how Wyeth has leveraged SAP Enterprise Inventory Optimization by SmartOps.

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Extending the Visual Factory to the Global Marketplace

It’s time to move the Visual Factory from the shop floor to the boardroom.

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Equipment Roundup: For Measurement Technologies, It’s a Smaller World After All

A look at Endress + Hauser’s shrinking vision of the future, and a roundup of the latest level, flow, pressure, and temperature products for pharma applications.

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From Underperformance to Overachieving: Culture Change at Bayer Berkeley

Implementing Lean has transformed Bayer’s B55 team.

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