September 2014 Issue


  • WHO Escalates Ebola Fight

    The strategy is clear: stop Ebola from killing the people of Africa; exactly what Pharma’s role will be is still being worked out

  • Maximizing Solvent Removal Efficiency

    Solvent drying process errors can have significant upstream and downstream repercussions; magnetic sector mass spectroscopy offers the precision to help avoid them

  • Nature’s Indelible Marker

    Naturally abundant, stable isotopes have already protected the identity and origin of $1.5 billion in pharmaceutical materials against Intellectual property infringers

  • Performance Shopping

    Pharma’s capital equipment spending has slowed but remains robust, focused on optimizing manufacturing supply chains through highly targeted technology and services purchasing

  • Speedy Delivery

    Whether it’s water, chemical, gas or cooling, here are a handful of products that move fluids and keep processes flowing smoothly