September 2005 Issue


  • Realizing ERP’s Untapped Potential

    Pharma ERP has been an underachiever for years; savvy drug makers are turning that picture around by connecting ERPs more closely to the plant floor.

  • A World Without Wires?

    The future is now for process monitoring via wireless instrumentation, while wireless process control looms.

  • Overcome the Fear of Shear

    The mixing of biological products is delicate business, but concerns about shear sensitivity can be overblown. Rational process development, rules of thumb and tools like CFD can lead to fearless mixing.

  • Sterilizing Filters: Right Flow, Right Size Critical

    Filtration can be the quickest, most cost-effective means to achieve sterilization for large volumes of simple buffers or aqueous solutions. However, finding the right flow rate and filter sizing is essential to meeting FDA’s aseptic guidelines.

  • Therapeutic Dose: Carolina Dreaming

    As evidenced by the proliferation of pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing facilities in Research Triangle Park and the Piedmont Triad, people go where the science and opportunity are.