November/December 2004 Issue


  • Therapeutic Dose: Manufacturing Phil: A Drug's Life

    A Pfizer public education campaign and its cute mascot are praiseworthy, but neglect to mention the key stage in a drug's life. What will it take to make manufacturing a hot button issue and to better educate the public?

  • What Capacity Crunch?

    Is a cell culture capacity shortage likely? Biomanufacturers are still scratching their heads.

  • The Long Arm of S88

    Batch automation standards are having an impact far from the control room, changing approaches to plant design, specification, and validation

  • SMB Takes On Paclitaxel Purification

    Simulated moving bed chromatography, widely used in chiral separations, can also be used to remove structurally similar impurities from target APIs.

  • Going Small, Thinking Big

    Microreactors and micro-scale equipment enable faster, continuous reactions, and are starting to make their mark in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

  • Broadening PAT's Manifesto

    The last word on PAT extends its use from a manufacturing to a cradle-to-grave tool for gaining process knowledge, FDA’s Ajaz Hussain says.