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  • News: Tylenol Mafia Book Sure to Fuel Conspiracy Theories

    New Book Alert! On September 29, 1982, seven people in Chicago died after taking Extra Strength Tylenol capsules laced with cyanide. This expose’ unearths the troubling details of an investigation corrupted by well-connected corporate executives and politically motivated government officials who simply buried the truth inside a shadow legal system inaccessible to everyday Americans.

  • News: China's Home-grown Insanity: Is This Really a Pharma Plant?

    There are photos going around of what is purported to be the inside of the Harbin Sixth Pharmaceutical Plant in northeast China, and it's easy to see why people are interested. They look like a Louis Quatorze-themed casino, a style one might call Vegas Versailles - bizarrely, crazily, relentlessly sumptuous.

  • News: The Counterfeit Counterfeit Drug Count

    Have you ever wondered about the statement that "10% of all drugs worldwide are counterfeit"? Alas, it turns out that the 10% figure has no factual basis in reality.

  • News: Ben Venue to Exit Contract Manufacturing Business

    Boehringer's Ben Venue Laboratories unit, which manufactures injectable and inhaled drugs for major companies including Pfizer Inc. and Johnson & Johnson, will exit the contract-manufacturing business in a transition over the next several years, spokesman Jason Kurtz said Friday.

  • News: Pharma Job Cuts Down 50% in 2011

    According to a report from Challenger, Gray % Christmas on August 31, job cuts in the pharmaceutical sector in 2011 are down by almost 50% as compared to 2010.

  • News: A Healthy Forecast for Pharma: Roche's CEO Weighs In

    Roche CEO Severin Schwan believes that those who shun the pharmaceutical sector for its lack of prospects don't understand the potential created by a rapidly growing understanding of genetics and molecular biology, and the new drugs that will follow.

  • How a Fired IT Worker Hacked and Paralyzed Shionogi

    A fired IT worker who took revenge on Shionogi by hacking into the company’s main computer server and deleting everything on it — paralyzing the company — was nabbed by the FBI after Google (GOOG) turned over details of his Gmail account, according to federal court records. Bnet reports.

  • News: Brands Push For Biosimilars Fee Trigger, Could Lead To Separate Approps

    The brand-name drug industry is urging FDA in back-room negotiations to advocate that biosimilars user fees should only be utilized once a set level of appropriated dollars is spent by the agency on these products, a position that could effectively create a separate spending account for the healthcare reform-created follow-on biologics pathway that would render it vulnerable to being completely shuttered, according to several sources and internal documents obtained byFDA Week.

  • News: Medicis' Jonah Shacknai's Press Conference: Money Talks Louder Than Deaths?

    Jonah Shacknai spoke at a press conference to his shareholders that are apparently concerned about the mysterious deaths at the pharmaceutical millionaire's mansion. While not specifically addressing the deaths of his son and girlfriend, Shacknai was sure to address his concern about his company's business after the tragedies.

  • News: Boehringer Ingelheim Employee Bitten By Monkey

    Paramedics responded to a call from Boehringer Ingelheim regarding an employee bitten by a monkey. The USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service noted in its most recent annual report (2010) that the facility held 226 non-human primates, 229 dogs and 39 guinea pigs.

  • News: Rallying Pharma's Rebels

    Bernard Munos, 61, who worked in sales for 30 years at Eli Lilly, has spent the past decade studying pharmaceutical innovation. He thinks he has an answer to what ails Big Pharma: Cut research and development.

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