Pharma in review: trending stories 7/12/19

Jul 12, 2019


GSK opens continuous manufacturing plants

The drugmaker has opened two “state-of-the-art” facilities in Singapore with continuous manufacturing capabilities.

number2Trump suggests executive order on drug prices
The President said that the White House was writing an executive order to require pharma companies to offer the U.S. government lower prices — but did not elaborate on details.

number3Biosimilars are coming to LATAM

Latin American has a flourishing biosimilar industry, with its own research, development, production and commercialization capacity.


Fosun buys GSK plant, hepatitis B drug rights

The drugmaker has announced plans for its subsidiary to spend up to $36 million to buy GSK's Suzhou pharma factory in east China.


Novartis offers generic epinephrine shots in U.S.

Sandoz has made its Symjepi epinephrine shots immediately available in U.S. pharmacies amid a continuing EpiPen shortage.


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