Cannabis-based Treatment for Skin Cancer in the Works

May 09, 2014

PR Newswire

New Colombia Resources Inc., a U.S. company with coal and other resource assets in Colombia, announced an agreement of collaboration with the Phoenix Tears Foundation for the research and development of a cannabis based medicine to treat skin cancer in Colombia. Dr. Janet Sweeney, Ph.D, and Corrie Yelland founders of the Phoenix Tears Foundation have been helping cancer patients with Cannabis based medicines while documenting their research since 2006. New Colombia Resources is also in discussions with Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTCQB: CBIS) to oversee clinical trials in Colombia.

The Phoenix Tears Foundation is the namesake of the Phoenix Tears Oil, an extremely potent and sedative cannabis resin with 75-90% THC. They have documented this medicine curing several forms of cancer. The Phoenix Tears Foundation works with Patients Out of Time, a charity dedicated to educating health care professionals and the public about the therapeutic use of cannabis. This organization treats cancer patients in critical need. Most of these patients have no other alternative and have been told by their doctors there is nothing they can do. Within weeks of using the medicine they show remarkable improvement. In many cases the skin cancer is gone within months of using the oil. For more information and testimonials please visit

"The U.S. federal government, legislators, law enforcement officers and many healthcare professionals often use the 'lack of clinical trials' with cannabis as a legitimate reason for continuing the marijuana prohibition. The Catch 22 here is that the federal government has made it virtually impossible for researchers to study the therapeutic efficacy of cannabis. I believe legal clinical trials of Cannabis based medicines in Colombia will not only help Colombian cancer patients but will greatly benefit our efforts in the U.S.," stated Dr. Janet Sweeney, Ph.D, co-founder of the Phoenix Tears Foundation.

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