Jerky Threats: FDA Wants to Know if Your Pet’s Been Sick

Oct 22, 2013


According to the Food and Drug Administration, since the end of September more than 3,600 dogs and 10 cats have reportedly become ill from eating Chinese-made jerky pet treats. While most pets have fully recovered, approximately 580 of these pets have died. It’s a mystery the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine labs is trying to solve. Center researchers have been working together with other labs across the country testing jerky pet treats for microbiological contaminants, analyzing hundreds of medical records and lab results, and even sent inspection teams to China. Jerky pet treats from pet owner’s homes have been tested and compared with store samples and the FDA even made its own jerky to try to duplicate the commercial process. So why doesn’t the FDA know what exactly is causing these illnesses? They’re not sure, but they need more information about the pets that are getting sick. In order to get that information, the FDA is asking for pet owners and veterinarians to help. To that end, we have issued a “Dear Veterinarian” letter asking veterinary practitioners who treat animals they suspect may have been sickened by eating jerky treats to report these cases to CVM through the FDA Safety Reporting Portal right away. Read the full story