Drug Delivery

Google Ventures Invests in Breakthrough Oral Drug Delivery for Biologics

Source: pharmamanufacturing.com

Sep 18, 2013


Rani Therapeutics today announced it has closed its Series B round of funding, led by Google Ventures. InCube Ventures, a life sciences venture fund that invests in breakthrough medical innovations, and VentureHealth, a healthcare crowdfunding portal, also joined the round. 


Rani Therapeutics has developed a platform to convert injectable drugs, including TNF-alpha Inhibitors (e.g. adalimumab and etanercept‎) and basal insulin, into pills.  The company has demonstrated double-digit bioavailability in pre-clinical studies. The funding will support the further development of the company's novel approach for the oral delivery of large drug molecules including peptides, proteins, antibodies, RNAi therapies and select vaccines. Read more