Pharma Lessons from Toyota

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Focus on Pharma: John Avellanet and Gawayne Mahboubian-Jones on Redefining Pharmaceutical Quality

John Danese, Oracle’s Director of Product Strategy, provides an update on the electronic pedigree landscape and how manufacturers are doing in their serialization efforts.

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Pedigree Adopters Play the Waiting Game

Manufacturers’ electronic pedigree and serialization efforts creep ahead, slowed by FDA’s inaction.

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Pharma Manufacturing on the Move

Global supply needs are dictating facility locations and CMO selection.

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Tunnell’s Robert Spector With Lessons for Pharma from Toyota

In this interview, part of a series, Tunnell Consulting principal Robert Spector examines pharma’s progress in implementing Toyota’s principles and lessons that can be learned from the automaker’s recent quality woes.

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Bikash Chatterjee With Lessons From Toyota

"The key to excellence in operational excellence or product development is knowledge management, which ensures that lessons learned from one product, one process, or one initiative are available and disseminated, and intentionally plugged into the product life cycle."

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McKinsey’s Ulf Schrader on Toyota and Quality Lessons for Pharma

Design to Quality...presents industry with a $20-to-$30-billion opportunity to optimize technical development. And that’s just on the cost side, without even considering the customer preference angle. The industry will need to have more cross functional processes, linking “technical development,” which often is still in R&D, and production which is in operations. Removing the wall between them will be a key value driver.

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Pharmaceutical Quality and Lessons from Toyota: Thomas Friedli on Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture in Pharma

"You can only achieve long-term savings if you have stable running equipment that enables stable and robust processes. This is a fundamental pre-requisite, before you can reduce lead time and stocks to any significant level. And this is exactly what PAT, QbD and manufacturing science aim to do."

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Pharmaceutical Quality and Lessons from Toyota: Thoughts from Gawayne Mahboubian-Jones

Top management needs to make product quality, and patient needs and perceptions of its products, the top priority. Manufacturing can no longer be seen as merely an add on but as an integral part of the product value chain. Allowing companies to compete based on measurable quality metrics, visible to the consumer, could help get things moving in the right direction.

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