Pittcon 2008 Show Coverage

Pittcon 2008 Show Coverage

59th Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy
March 1-7, 2007, New Orleans, La.

The technical program focuses on Bioanalytical chemistry (including proteomics, genomics, and metabolomics), Biomedicine, Informatics, Pharmaceutical science, Nanotechnology, Mass spectrometry, Chemical separations, and Sensor technology to name a few.




Video Coverage 


    • NIPTE Executive Director Basu on Why Industry Must Change
      Dr. Prabir Basu, director of the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology and Education, sees parallels between pharma today and the U.S. automotive industry when Deming called for change. In this 10-minute Q&A, he also discusses NIPTE and its mission.

    • PAT and QbD at DSM
      DSM Pharmaceutical's PAT Team members Bir Gujral and C. Freeman Stanfield discuss PAT with Emil Ciurczak in this video.

    • Duquesne: From Academia to Industry
      Duquesne University professors Jim Drennan and Carl Anderson and colleague Steven Short discuss PAT and their consultancy with Emil Ciurczak.

    • Open Standards for Data Access and Management
      In this video, ABB Automation Technology's Thomas Buijis discusses and demonstrates a new OPC-based platform that connects data and allows for direct connection with process control.



    • Quality by Design in the Design Space
      If discussions of the Design Space seem too theoretical, IFPAC’s Monday session on QbD provided some views from the trenches, and examples from Novartis and Merck.

    • Quality by Re-Design or Reverse QbD?
      If the whole concept of QbD seems to leave out manufacturing, Line Lundsberg-Nielsen of NNE Pharmaplan discussed ways one can re-engineer and improve legacy products and revalidate them. She compares it to an archaeological dig, but it can, and often should, be done.

Video: SpectraDri: Moisture Determination for Solid Dose Pharmaceutical Manufacture