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The Good Fight: The Plight of Pharma's Middle Managers
Middle managers in pharma today have a tough, thankless job—but someone’s got to do it, and many do it well.

Pharma Jobs 2011: Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Ego
There’s still not enough evidence for full-fledged optimism, says a leading recruiter. 

Salary & Job Survey 2011: On the Brink of Burnout
Our annual survey results say you’ve just about had enough. Will 2011 be the year things turn in your favor?

Career Security: Can a Pharma "Lab Rat" Survive in the Wild?
If you were let go from your job, could you survive?

Temporary Workers: Pharma's Contingency Planning
Consultant Steve Sawin answers our questions about managing contingent labor.

Workforce Training: Embracing the "Necessary Evil"
As FDA probes the connection between workforce training and quality, manufacturers must do the same.

2010 Job and Salary Survey: Connecting with What Matters
In an era of job instability and frayed nerves, pharmaceutical workers are reconnecting with what’s important to them, and turning to each other for support.

Your Career: Making the Most of Mergers & Acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions are unpredictable; you’re best bet is to remain flexible.