Interphex 2014 Coverage


New Product Showcase

Natoli: Booth #3711
Natoli will be exhibiting its tablet tooling, die segments, press parts and more at INTERPHEX. Some of the company’s most popular products will also be on display with hands-on demonstrations available. Product demos include the Laser Vision Inspection System (LVS) with Tool Management II software, a rebuilt Beta Press, Die Segment Storage Solutions, and Natoli’s new TabletCAD tablet design software. In addition, Natoli’s tooling experts will be on hand to find solutions to attendees’ complex tableting challenges.

Newman Sanitary Gaskets Newman Sanitary Gasket: Booth #1761
Newman Sanitary Gasket’s PTFE Encapsulated Gaskets combine the flexibility and sealing qualities of Newman Gasket's 2107 EPDM and the chemical resistance of PTFE. With a core of 2107 EPDM and an outer layer of PTFE, this gasket offers all qualities of PTFE that you need with none of the symptomatic draw backs of a solid PTFE gasket.

Burkert Burkert: Booth #3753
Burkert block body valve configurations are designed for the control of ultrapure, sterile, aggressive or abrasive fluids. They are fully drainable and can be operated by either pneumatic actuator or manual handwheel. They minimize hold-up volume and contact surfaces while greatly minimizing the body profile, resulting in higher productivity while offering reduced sterilization costs.

GEMU GEMU: Booth #3559
The GEMÜ Single-Use valve body has an internally welded diaphragm inside. During assembly, the Single-Use diaphragm valve body is fixed to the actuator and locked via an indexing plunger. After single use the valve body, with its diaphragm, is removed from the actuator and disposed. The pneumatic stainless-steel actuator remains as a stable component for multiple body use.

AdvantaPure AdvantaPure: Booth #3055
AdvantaPure will showcase its single use assemblies and container closures manufactured from AdvantaFlex biopharmaceutical TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) at Interphex. AdvantaFlex is available as bulk tubing or molded into connections such at tees, wyes, crosses, reducers and Tri-Clamps. Secure closures -- stoppers, caps, True Union and GL45 inserts, and other styles -- for containers of glass, metal or plastic can also be molded from AdvantaFlex. Molded AdvantaFlex single-use assemblies help eliminate barbed fitting connections and their potential leaks.

Cashco Cashco Inc: Booth # 3464
The Model C-CS is a 316L SST self-contained pressure reducing regulator designed primarily for steam control in sanitary biotechnological process piping systems. The unit is capable of controlling outlet pressure between 10-75 psig with a maximum inlet pressure of 150 psig.

Mouvex Mouvex: Booth #2633
Mouvex SLS Series Eccentric Disc pumps have been specifically engineered for use in a wide array of pumping applications that require extremely hygienic operations and full containment, including those found within the pharmaceutical industry. The pumps have been designed to provide the highest rates of product recovery in pharmaceutical applications through a measurable reduction in wasted raw materials or finished products at the end of production runs.

Wilden Wilden: Booth #2633
Wilden Saniflo Hygienic Series AODD Pumps meet the strict needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers because they have been specifically designed to satisfy the regulatory guidelines established by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for sanitary process applications and are available with a full validation package. Saniflo pumps incorporate a straight flow-through design, which gives them the ability to deliver the operational efficiencies that help ensure hygienic-process success.

Fette Fette: Booth #2505C
Fette Compacting America says its FE35 Tablet Press delivers high levels of productivity and flexibility, as well as the fastest changeover time in its class. The single-rotary tablet press can be fitted with up to 51 stations to produce up to 367,000 tablets/hr. The FE35 features easily detachable, FDA-certified polymer panels and offers 360-degree access. All product contact parts are stainless steel, and the machine’s geometrically optimized surfaces offer easy handling and fast cleaning.

Pharma Tech Inc. Pharma Technology Inc.: Booth #2871
PTI will showcase its PharmaFlex 750 Deduster equipped with an insight metal detector from Lock Inspection Systems. The machine combines PTI’s next-generation tablet dedusting concept with premium metal detection. The combination tablet deduster/metal detector showcases PTI’s AIO Tablet Deduster and Tester System. Short for “All In One,” the system builds upon the PharmaFlex family of dedusters by offering turnkey peripheral devices as integrated solutions. The system’s engineering affords flexibility while meeting superior standards for output and quality of dedusting.

Quattroflow Quattroflow: Booth #2633
The 1200SU-M Series Single-Use Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps are now available with plastic pump chambers engineered with injected molded polyethylene (PE). Manufactured to be a more cost-effective alternative to standard solid plastic pump chambers, these injected molded PE pump chambers are assembled under controlled and clean conditions. Equipped with a product wetted plastic pump chamber that can be replaced as a complete unit, 1200SU-M Series single-use pumps have been specifically designed to meet the needs within demanding biotech and pharmaceutical applications. The simple disposal of the pump chamber saves time and money, removing the need for extensive cleaning, sterilization and complex cleaning validation.

Romaco ROMACO North America: Booth #3327
ROMACO NA will be demonstrating a tablet press manufactured by KILIAN, a Germany-based company with a century of tableting expertise that was recently acquired by ROMACO Group. The Synthesis 500 Bi-Layer Tablet Press is a versatile pharma tableting machine developed for high overall equipment efficiency. The machine is available in five tableting configurations: mono-layer, bi-layer; core (tab-in-tab); TRF (tamper-resistant formulations); and WET.