Interphex 2014 Coverage


New Product Showcase

Omega Design  Omega Design Corp.: Booth #2725
Featuring an ergonomic design and stainless-steel construction, the Intelli-Pac Manual Case Aggregation System can handle loose or bundles bottles and cartons, and is configurable for manual to semi-automatic operation. The machine affords the ability to seamlessly integrate layer aggregation technology, a case label printer, operator touch screen, connectivity to preferred data management system, a case loading table and a hand-held scanner. Upgrades include unit-to-bundle data syncing, case-to-pallet data syncing, and caseforming and casetaping capabilities.

 Platinum Press Platinum Press: Booth #3742
The 266-Panel Outsert allows for an expanded number of panels which, in turn, yields a significant increase in copy space for necessary product information and instructions. As a result, the need for a “twinsert,” or piggybacked outsert, often is eliminated. It is made possible through the company’s Vijuk MV-11 Knife System, which folds printed sheets as large as 21” x 40” into outserts as small as 1 1/8” x 1 1/8” with as many as 266 panels. The result is a more compact printed component that increases production speeds and turnaround time while decreasing manufacturing costs.

 MG America MG America: Booth #2253
MG America will be showcasing a capsule filler featuring production speed up to 200,000 capsules per hour. The G250 Capsule Filler can dose powders, pellets (up to two different kinds in same capsule), micro-tablets and tablets, as well as varying combinations of these forms. Dosing supervision and control is incorporated throughout the G250’s operation cycle. The machine’s functions are managed by an industrial, Windows XP Embedded PC with a color monitor (operator-friendly interface).