Interphex 2013 Coverage


New Product Showcase

bwtek B&W TEK: Booth 3734
NanoRam is a Raman handheld spectrometer for material identification and verification within cGMP compliant facilities. It now features an identification mode, verifying the identity of incoming materials using statistical methods to generate a "Pass/Fail" result (in addition to correlated library matches). Another product on exhibit is the i-Raman EX portable Raman spectrometer, which features a 1064nm excitation laser and high sensitivity InGaAs detector with deep TE cooling and high dynamic range.

ceia CEIA USA: Booth 3516
CEIA Pharmaceutical Metal Detection Systems feature high detection sensitivity towards contaminating metals, whether ferrous, non-ferrous or stainless steel, even when these are present in very small quantities. The THS/PH21 Series includes several quality-control metal detectors that offer full compliance with FDA requirements Part 210 and Part 211. The series introduces a continuous embedded self-calibration function for maximum repeatability and performance consistency over time. The result is a system with stability, consistency in performance and effect product assurance, the company says.

gamajet  Gamajet: Booth 2053
Nanojet 2.0 Tank Cleaning Machine features a sanitary design that fits into a 2-inch, tri-clover access hole. Developed in response to a request from one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, the new automated, fluid driven Nanojet 2.0 also features:improved lifespan; flow through, self-lubricating design; high flow rates; self-cleaning, self-flushing and self-draining capabilities; and stainless-steel construction. It is designed for use with purified water sources such as deionized water or reverse osmosis.

rigaku Rigaku Raman Technologies: Booth 3910
Rigaku Raman Technologies says it's the only company to offer high-performance handheld Raman analyzers utilizing 532, 785 or 1064nm wavelength excitation. The company will be showcasing its flagship product, FirstGuard, in its booth. Featuring an advanced redesigned architecture, the 1064nm FirstGuard is said to deliver more material identification capabilities than competing 785nm solutions.

vaisala Vaisala : Booth 1470
Ideal for monitoring GxP-compliant storage and production environments, Vaisala's HMT140 wireless logger connects easily to your existing Wi-Fi network. Used with viewLinc 4.1 continuous monitoring software, the unit is a simple solution for monitoring temperature, humidity and other critical parameters. It has fully interchangeable fixed or remote temperature probes; battery power for 18 months; mounting ease and simple to relocate. The enclosure is IP65 rated, with or without LCD display.

walker Walker Barrier Systems: Booth 3510
Walker Barrier Systems introduces an articulating arm barrier screen for use in down flow booths. Benefits of this device include: increased operator protection when handling products with