Interphex 2013 Coverage


New Product Showcase

Excellence United: Booth 2505
Excellence United is a strategic alliance of independent companies in the field of special machine engineering for the production of pharmaceuticals. Member companies include Bausch & Strobel, Fette Compacting, Glatt, Harro Hofliger and Uhlmann. Each company is a leader in the engineering, processing and methods of their industry. Excellence United has more than 600 experienced staff members available on all continents.

DSM Pharmaceuticals Fette Compacting America: Booth 2505
FE35 Tablet Press from Fette Compacting America is a single rotary tablet press that can be fitted with up to 51 stations, enabling the production of up to 367,000 tablets per hour. The machine has easily detachable, FDA-certified, high-performance polymer panels and offers 360-degree access. All parts that come into contact with products are stainless steel. Other highlights include: innovative filling system, new rotor design, new compression stations, novel internal tablet discharge, flexible vacuum cleaning system, and plug-and-play connection for peripheral equipment.

gardnerdenver Gardner Denver: Booth 3763
Gardner Denver introduces the redesigned 15-110kW EnviroAire Series oil-less water injected rotary screw compressors. These variable speed machines feature low noise levels, high performance capabilities with 80% turndown and an intuitive touch screen controller. All EnviroAire compressors have been certified with ISO 8573-1 Class 0 and Silicon Free designations; making them the right choice with no risk of oil contamination.

mgamerica MG America: Booth 2253
The Romaco Macofar LF-200 Series liquid filling machines is designed for high-quality filling of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetics liquid products into a range of bottles and vials (from 2 to 500ml) at speeds up to 12,000 units per hour. Meeting cGMP regulations, the LF-200 range offers high performance and versatility while ensuring accurate production. This is achieved, in part, through six specific models to provide an ideal match with individual production.

nilfisk  NilfiskCFM: Booth 2432
New industrial vacuums have been added to NilfiskCFM White Line. The VHW321 portable unit is engineered to make daily cleaning in production areas and process manufacturing fast and hassle-free. Models VHW310 and VHW311 fixed industrial vacuums integrate with processing machines to collect fine powder and dust directly from the source. The compact VHW311 can be fixed or mobile. HEPA filtration guarantees capture of up to 99.99% of all ultra-fine particles down to and including 0.12 microns in size to ensure that no toxic dust exhausts back into the air.

pharmatech  Pharma Technology Inc.: Booth 3071
Pharma Technology’s AIO Deduster and Tester System can combine the following units on one fully GMP base: PTI’s PharmaFlex segmented deduster spiral made of high polymer or 216 stainless segmented spiral; one of three main pharmaceutical models of metal detector: Ceia, Lock or Safeline; or an in-process tablet tester for weight, hardness and thickness. The unit takes sample group measurements at regular intervals, then feeds data back to the tablet press where it is recorded into the batch record. The tester can be positioned on any of three sides on the deduster’s base, and offers push-fit, cable-free connections for power and data storage.

sturtevant  Sturtevant : Booth 2267
ARTMiS simplifies milling so that the user need only input a set point for the controlling particle size parameter, set mill pressures and load the feeder. Feed rate then varies automatically to meet the defined particle size distribution set point. If feed quality or mill conditions change, then the particle size reduction process will respond rapidly, maintaining product quality at all times. Advantages typically realized include: eliminate operator exposure to hazardous materials; reduce dependency on lab functions; enable real-time decision making; stop rework or control recycle rates; improve quality; and establish complete history of the process.

volkman  Volkmann: Booth 2977
Volkmann introduces a line of low-profile pneumatic pharmaceutical conveyors that feature a purpose-designed low profile vacuum pump and reverse jet shock tank, providing a necessary solution for conveying tablets and capsules in restricted height areas. By adding these models, Volkmann now offers common sizes throughout their range of products, allowing easy access to spare filters fitting multiple units. Pictured is the PPC250VS model discharging through a split butterfly valve. It includes a HEPA unit and a mobile trolley with pneumatic height adjustment.

wilden  Wilden: Booth 2463
Wilden's Saniflo Hygienic Series Metal AODD pumps are available in four sizes. They have been designed to meet strict guidelines established for sanitary process applications. The pumps incorporate a straight flow-through design, the ability to handle large solids and other operational efficiencies to ensure hygienic-process success. Pumps are available with specialized air distribution systems and are shear-sensitive, self-priming, and dry-run and deadhead capable, with various surface finishes. The pumps also offer the versatility of either clean-in-place (COP) or clean-out-of-place (COP) sanitation for ease of use and maintenance.