Interphex 2013 Coverage


New Product Showcase

almatec Almatec: Booth 2463
Quattroflow will display the latest offerings in its single-use line of pumps for use in biologic-handling applications within pharmaceutical and biotech operations. The incorporation of single-use pumps in biologic-handling applications is gaining wider acceptance among pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers because they can help optimize end-product speed-to-market. Single-use, or disposable, pumps feature replaceable wetted pump chamber, which is an advantage for manufacturers looking to maximize their production operations. The single-use pumps reduce downtime between two batches, save time and money, and are easy to change.

DSM Pharmaceuticals EMD Millipore: Booth 2841
Mobius FlexReady Solutions for TFF and Chromatography are designed to optimize your product’s manufacturability and accelerate time to clinic. Smart Flexware single-use flow pathways deliver equivalent or better performance to that of traditional stainless-steel systems while maximizing system flexibility, says EMD Millipore. Smart Flexware assemblies are easy to install, reducing the risk of operator error and challenges typically associated with installing single-use flow paths. Additionally, the flow path reduces dead-legs and moving parts, decreasing the risk of contamination.

meissner Meissner: Booth 2817
The UltraSnap filter assembly from Meissner is a configurable system that secures multiple pre- and final filters into a single-use filtration solution. The assembly features one inlet and one outlet connection for immediate deployment and convenience. The system allows maximum flexibility in design to accommodate end-user processing requirements for flow capacity, throughput volume and retention efficiencies. Engineered to maximize filtration parameters, UltraSnap arrives as a pre-assembled unit, ready for use; it can also be ordered pre-sterilized.

sartorious Sartorius Stedim North America Inc.: Booth 3115
The BIOSTAT STR is a fully scalable, single-use bioreactor with a classic design. The system is comprised of a stainless-steel support housing, single-use bioreactor chamber and a control system utilizing single-use sensors. It is available as a single and twin version and is ideal for cell culture applications, industrial and academic research, process development, process optimization, pilot and production scale, and seed cultivation for large scale bioreactors. Its advanced control platform offers a solution for every budget and every need.

xcellerex  Xcellerex: Booth 3341
FlexFactory is a fully modularized and integrated biomanufacturing platform. It enables the deployment of new production facilities for vaccines, biotherapeutics, biosimilars, monoclonals in as little as 12 months — at half the total cost of traditional stainless-steel plants, the company says. Now companies can advance new drugs from research and development to commercial manufacturing. The Xcellerex product portfolio provides easy scale up to bioreactors as large as 2,000 liters — with full downstream purification through final bulk product — all on the same integrated, single-use flow path.