2008 IFPAC Conference

The IFPAC conference is being held concurrently with the 16th Intl. OnSite Analysis Conference. The three-day forum focuses on the latest developments in Process Analytical Technology: emerging techniques, new applications, instrumentation, software, standards, and a look into the future. Topics include: separation techniques; FTIR, Near IR, UV/VIS; Raman spectroscopy/lasers/NMR/LIBS; mass spectroscopy; control and data acquisition; micro/nano technologies; technology transfer and training; process sampling, characterization, understanding, control and quality; and Pharmaceutical Design Space and Quality by Design, among others.

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Video Coverage 



  • FDA’s Famulare: ICH Q-10 to Crystallize PAT’s Benefits
    In a pre-conference session on Sunday, representatives from industry and FDA met to discuss QbD and how to overcome obstacles in making it part of pharma’s fabric.

  • Quality by Design in the Design Space
    If discussions of the Design Space seem too theoretical, IFPAC’s Monday session on QbD provided some views from the trenches, and examples from Novartis and Merck.

  • Quality by Re-Design or Reverse QbD?
    If the whole concept of QbD seems to leave out manufacturing, Line Lundsberg-Nielsen of NNE Pharmaplan discussed ways one can re-engineer and improve legacy products and revalidate them. She compares it to an archaeological dig, but it can, and often should, be done.

  • The Human Element and Process Analyzers
    Walter Henslee, former Dow scientist and editor of JPAC, IFPAC’s technical journal, discussed challenges and benefits of optimizing analyzer operation.

Video: SpectraDri: Moisture Determination for Solid Dose Pharmaceutical Manufacture