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The Fundamentals Series is an ever-growing library of 20-25 minute, non-commercial, on-demand presentations on topics of importance to improving product quality, lowering risk and improving efficiency within the pharmaceutical industry.

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Building a Modeling Culture in Manufacturing at Pfizer

At Pfizer, the value of models is not in mimicking reality, but in illustrating the interactions between people, equipment, materials, and time.

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Calibration for Compliance

This Fundamentals Series presentation covers calibration and its importance to pharmaceutical manufacturers, how to handle changing procedures and standards, creating a chain of traceability and calibration guidelines and more.

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The Importance of Particle Size Analysis in the Pharma Industry

Presented by William Kopesky, Particle Technology Labs Presentation Length - 19 minutes, 38 seconds

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Pharma Jobs 2011: Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Ego

There’s still not enough evidence for full-fledged optimism, says a leading recruiter.

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Powder Flow: Identifying Powder’s Critical Quality Attributes & Relationship to Process Behavior

Powders are highly complex variable materials and are used in the manufacture of over 80% of products currently on the market. Flow properties relate to numerous processes so powder behaviour will influence all sorts of key quality attributes of the finished product.

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Is Pharma Stuck on the Way to Six Sigma?

Six Sigma and OpEx now take a back seat to cost-cutting, yet experts say cost reduction will, ultimately, drive the industry’s transformation

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