& Our Pledge to You

The digital information age has presented tremendous opportunities for you to access information in many formats, in real time or on demand.

These opportunities raise new issues in regards to publishing ethics. For instance, some members of the pharmaceutical digital media have a policy of releasing their site visit and click data as sales leads—that is, providing your personal information to vendors if you view an item on their web site. This is a practice to which we are strictly opposed.

Putman Media, the parent company of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing magazine, and, is adamant about following a strict ethical code regarding digital media.

We pledge to you that:

  • Your privacy will always be protected. We will never release your personal click activity or personal survey data without explicitly requesting your permission or asking you to register for a specific article or program. You can explore our websites at your leisure without fear that your privacy will be breached, because at Putman Media, a click is never a sales lead.
  • We do not use intrusive marketing techniques, such as mobile marketing. Such marketing is not only annoying but can increase your monthly Blackberry or digital phone bills. As we expand our capabilities to deliver content to your mobile devices, your user experience and privacy will come first.
  • We will listen to you. If you have objections to our practices or any criticism, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond quickly.

Thank you for your participation and loyalty. We look forward to continuing a long-standing relationship based on mutual respect and trust.


John M Cappelletti, CEO, Putman Media,
Tonia Becker, Publisher,
Agnes Shanley, Editor-in-Chief,
Paul Thomas, Senior Editor,
Michele Vaccarello Wagner, Senior Digital Editor,
Jack Jones, Director Audience Care & Development,