Pharma, have you started your digital transformation journey?

Congrats on taking the first step towards digital transformation!

While the movement towards the IIoT has already started taking place in the pharmaceutical industry, it will not happen overnight. Even with the large investments in digitization being made by so many industry giants, there are significant hurdles that need to be overcome for the benefits of automation and IIoT to be captured in the highly regulated, traditionally risk-averse pharmaceutical industry. 

That's why the editors of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing would like to personally invite you and your colleagues to attend Putman's 3rd annual Smart Industry conference this coming September 18-20 in Chicago.
Our event gives you the opportunity to learn and engage with first-mover organizations on the leading edge of digital transformation, as well as attend presentations from IIoT innovators, such as our two keynotes, Tom Bucklar, director of innovation and digital for Caterpillar and Steve Jones, process and material consultant for Steelcase. Smart Industry also offers the opportunity to see the latest digital technologies in action on abehind the-scenes tours.
Our updated attendee brochure highlights features and speakers.
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We would love to have as many pharma folks there joining us as possible! Editors will be available throughout the conference for meetings and would love to talk to you about your company's digital initiatives for an upcoming editorial piece. Hope to see you in September!

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