It is challenging to integrate enterprise applications like ERP, LMS, MES with an EQMS, but with the right software solution, you will be able to connect those information systems and synchronize data.

Choose an EQMS with the capability to exchange files and data with ERP and other enterprise applications and also improve the control of documents. You want to be able to create, access, and change huge amounts of data securely in your EQMS. In terms of functionality, look for software with the capability to scan and import batches of documents at a time. If you use forms a lot, look for software with the capability to directly populate metadata and form fields based on data from your ERP or another application. This way you will be able to launch hundreds of forms every day. Lastly, look for a robust API interface (SOAP or REST) which will allow you to create custom interfaces to automate connections between the applications to reduce data re-entry, out of sync lookups (e.g. customer list) and manual data re-processing.

Lane Hirning, product management director, MasterControl

Lane Hirning is a pharmacologist with extensive IT experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He’s also a technical product manager at MasterControl.