Vain boomer alert: Botox is risky, so how about Plexiglass? (At least kinder, gentler tattoos may be on the way)

BotoxForbes magazine just published a brief alert on the perils of botox. What do you expect from a substance derived from an extremely poisonous bacterium that has caused thousands of deaths and helped spurred the development of food preservatives such as nitrates? "If you're thinking about getting Botox injections for cosmetic improvement, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration offers some guidelines," Forbes writes. "As Botox only lasts for about four months, repeated injections may be needed to maintain the cosmetic appearance derived from the treatment. As the injections wear off, lines and wrinkles reappear," the article continues. "According to the FDA, some side effects from Botox injections may include droopiness of the eyelid, flu-like symptoms, nausea and headache. In rare cases, there can be more serious side effects since the treatment is derived from the same bacterium that causes botulism, a deadly illness that makes it hard to breathe or move." More surprises. "You should never receive Botox if you are or may be pregnant, or are breast-feeding. " Glad that they're mentioning this. But are people really that clueless? It ranks right up there with the "objects may be closer than they appear" warning on car side-view mirrors. If Botox has scared you off, you may soon be able to fill in the crevices with Plexiglass (polymethyl methacrylate), thanks to a Florida-based plastic surgeon, who has applied for FDA approval of "Artefill". At least for boomers who are afraid that they may not like their children's new tattoos (never mind the fact that most tattoos contain toxic materials), a company called Freedom 2 says that it is developing safe and erasible alternatives using encapsulated FDA-approved dyes. -AMS