“Tough Love” from John Mack?

19th century prudeAs they say in advertising, any publicity is good publicity. Well today I scored a P.R. coup and finally got John Mack to link to this blog. It wasn't exactly the type of link I'd hoped for, but, still...it was quite funny, in a way. Yes, it's true that we haven't had any comments since we've changed site locations a few weeks ago. For the record, we did get printable comments at the old site, and I apologize for not responding to some of them yet----e.g. "Is X a good company to work for" (I'm working on that one, Javier!). I've tended to email commentators who ask for information privately, rather than respond publicly via comments. We're figuring it out, as well as the whole "blogging thing," one day, and one post, at a time. From what I've seen, folks in pharma (outside of those who frequent Cafe Pharma) are pretty reticent about talking about their jobs and interests, and it takes time to build up trust and an audience. A lot of people see this site as a place to go for quick news and info, rather than as a place to vent. But if you do occasionally like what you read here, please do comment, please do criticize, and, by all means, please do feel free to "vent,"  even Cafe-Pharma style (if you must). It's all good. I'll edit out the expletives, but leave your message intact. Eventually, I'd hope that this could become a kind of "Cafe Pharma" for the GMP set, but realize that this will take time. In the meantime, thanks for reading, and John, for your "kind" attention and helpful suggestions...and even for redacting the CafePharma talk in your "counterpoint." AMS (Agnes Murray Shanley) --- I am trying to get my colleagues here to post, so this blog doesn't become an ego trip, but not having much luck so far...too much work to do and too little time.