Thinking Blogger Nominations: Tag, You’re It

Thank you, Pharma Giles, for linking to this blog for the Thinking Blogger award.  This is a small, niched and plain blog, and it was a genuine surprise.

Thinking Blogger Anyone nominated is supposed to list and link to five blogs that make them think. It's a bit like a chain letter, perhaps, but it's all for a good cause.    There are many wonderful blogs out there, some of which I haven't discovered yet.  But here are my pharma blog nominations.  Apologies to anyone on the receiving end who considers this compliment akin to a chain letter nuisance. Apologies also to the great blogs I've left out (PharmaGossip is a favorite, but it has already been nominated; ditto for the creative Pharma Giles) Eye on FDA is always insightful, balanced, and very well done/well presented In the Pipeline, which needs no introduction And yes, the always entertaining and informative PharmaMarketing Blog.  John Mack also deserves special recognition for taking the time to track the  growing "pharma blogosphere." (You can relax now, John). Drug Wonks, whether or not one agrees with the views expressed therein Pharmalot, which, in the short time that it has been around, has raised the bar for everyone. Have a great weekend. AMS